We make it easier and more fun to build

Shopping list

Complete shopping list including all you need in the right dimensions. One trip to the hardware store is enough.

Exact cutting

Clear diagrams for precise cutting of all parts. You save time by cutting everything before assembly.

Easy assembly

Step-by-step instructions with pictures that show how and what to do. Easy to follow.

Egenbyggt sells digital DIY plans online. Created through our own unique 3D modeling methods and practical step-by-step guides.

Owner-built construction descriptions include:

  • Purchase list for all materials the construction requires.
  • Sawing/cutting instructions with a clear drawing of each part to be cut.
  • Assembly instructions that guide you through the entire assembly process.

You can see the expected end result in our realistic 3D visualized images before you get started.

We have created Egenbyggt to make it easier and fun to build. We have done the design and instructions for you so that you can focus on the craft and achieve a great result with ease and without worries. That’s why we say that with Egenbyggt, everyone can build.

It is our great hope that you will feel the joy of building.

Welcome to Egenbyggt – build it yourself.

3d visualizations by Arkitektbild. www.arkitektbild.se