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Build your own outdoor furniture with our DIY woodworking plans.

Create your very own living space outdoors with Egenbyggt’s Outdoor furniture DIY plans. Our step-by-step guides offer a variety of models you can build yourself. Choose from different styles and sizes to find your perfect outdoor furniture. Mix and match to create your unique set, or choose a complete furniture group. Our guides recommend using untreated wood and provide detailed instructions for priming and surface treatment.

For those willing to invest extra time, our plans include tips on hiding screws by drilling and plugging the holes with wooden plugs. Don’t miss our specialized guide on this technique. Building your own furniture is not only a fun project; it’s also economical and sustainable. Each plan comes with a comprehensive shopping list, sawing directions, and a detailed assembly guide.

Our furniture models are designed for wood construction. Some models are fine as-is, but most are optimized for cushions and pillows, with specified dimensions for each.

Various retailers, both online and in-store, offer cushions compatible with our designs. For instance, IKEA has a range suitable for our Ammarp series, where cushions should measure approximately 60x60cm. If you’re interested in building the Solviken model, it’s designed for a larger 70x70cm cushion, a standard size in many stores. While we don’t yet offer a guide for sewing your own cushions, the option is always there for the adventurous DIYer.

Get ready to bring your outdoor living dreams to life with Egenbyggt. Good luck with your build!