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Build flower boxes.

Here you will find Egenbyggt’s DIY plans for flower boxes that you can build yourself. Building your own flower box is easy and doesn’t take a long time to complete.

With our DIY plans, you get clear instructions on how to do it. Shopping list of materials, drawings of how each part should be sawn and a step-by-step guide for how the parts should be assembled are included.

We have several different sizes and models to choose from. The flower boxes are built of wood and we recommend planting the flowers in an inner pot of plastic, bucket or similar. This is due a bit to the size of the flower box.

It is also possible to build a dense bottom on the flower box and cover the inside with ground cloth or plastic. The disadvantage is that it becomes more difficult to clean the box compared to a bucket or pot in plastic. With these, you can lift out or dig in with a shovel without risking damaging the canvas or plastic.

It is important to coat the flower box with both primer or primer and then coat a layer or two with the paint you have chosen to paint with. With good surface treatment, the flower box will last for many years.

You can paint with ordinary facade paint or laser with a glaze that lets through the wood’s natural texture.

Under each flower box on the website, you will find more information, pictures and measurements of our different models of flower boxes.

Good luck with the build!